Lobby & Common Spaces Sheraton, Frankfurt

B3 Designers was tasked with designing the interiors for the common areas, lobby, check-in, F&B spaces, lounge, business meetings areas at the new Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel


Following a remarkable three-year renovation, Frankfurt Airport Marriott Hotel (open since 2020) and Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center together to become the first European Marriott dual brand hotel operating two Marriott International premium brands, Marriott & Sheraton, under one roof. This development offers travellers two unique brand experiences with a focus on shared distinct culinary moments and exceptional service.

B3 Designers was tasked with redesigning all of the new F&B spaces, and the common areas.


For the lobby and common areas at Sheraton, the design challenge posed to B3 Designers was multi-fold. This has been a technically demanding project, owing to its location and range of offers. The functionality of an Airport hotel is unique and different to a business/leisure hotel or resort.

The spaces B3 designed had to serve several purposes. They needed to cater to:

(a) guests checking in to the hotel

(b) guests looking to sit down for a meal, or grab a drink while waiting for flights

(c) in-house guests having breakfast

(d) passengers looking to grab-and-go

(e) those looking to hold a meeting/work on their own

(f) flexibility in the spaces, and

(g) Sheraton brand standards.

The new check-in at the Sheraton hotel

The Community Table designed for productivity


We knocked down existing walls to create large interconnected spaces, and added a range of plush seating options centrally and along the perimeter to serve multiple functions - work, meetings, and leisure.

The new Sheraton Public Place comprises the new Sheraton reception area and Community Table: an inviting brand signature table that anchors the space. This new public space is designed to make guests feel welcome, facilitate meetings or safely gather with friends and co-workers.


Guests can now check-in at the newly-designed reception area for the Sheraton hotel, catch up with work at the Community Table designed for creativity and productivity with built-in wireless mobile charging and ergonomic seating, or sit down for a relaxed cocktail at the clever Veiled Bar. Unveiling itself as a cocktail and spirits destination in the evenings, it discretely hides spirits behind cabinets, and is complemented by a modern island counter with marble-effect surface. Clever and modern lighting adds to the sophisticated mood across the space.

The new check-in reception

Workspaces designed for comfort and productivity

Workspaces designed for comfort and productivity