One Kensington Brand Identity, London

Deep aqua leather menu at One Kensington restaurant.

Sinuous illustrations by our in-house illustration team.

The nostalgia of British banking was the second inspiration.

We designed the logo to echo traditional English banknotes.

We were approached to design the rebrand for the now One Kensington from its existing brand Zaika of Kensington, a fine dining Indian restaurant at the south-west corner of Hyde Park.

Our brand design was built on two pillars: the first, the nostalgic grandeur of One Kensington being housed in an old bank.

The second, the luxuriant growth of Indian vegetation and spice cultivation. We carefully entwined these two concepts to communicate the vibrancy of the high-end restaurant.

Implementing our developed concept, we designed the logo and collateral to echo traditional English banknotes with the subtle introduction of Indian-inspired vegetation ink illustrations.

Continuing the luxury look and feel we applied our logo on both the wine and main menus with a gold foil technique.

The deep aqua blue leather of the menus was extended into the upholstery of the furniture, creating cohesion between our brand identity and the interior design.

Logo hung in front of the high-end restaurant.

Hard wearing and classic leather menus.

Eye catching gold logo.