Nutshell, London


Nutshell's open kitchen, where it serves Iranian cuisine with a modern twist.

Pistachio coloured front of Nutshell with outside seating.

The restaurants ground floor blends modern with traditional.


Located a few steps from Trafalgar Square in London, Nutshell serves Iranian cuisine with a modern twist.

Our design celebrated the geometry and colours of Iran. Looking at the traditional architecture of the country, with arches and soft curves, we replicated this in the design of banquettes and feature mirrors on the walls.

We drew from the country’s connection to pistachio orchards, and the greens and pinks of the fields and the nut itself.

The space balances these traditional details with modern touches such as blackened steel, and a sense of pared-back simplicity.

There is a heavy focus on curated art throughout, with custom abstract pieces conceptualised with Iranian architecture and culture in mind.

The pink and green colour pallet echos the crop fields in Iran.

Custom abstract art pieces.

Traditional Iranian tiles with modern outdoor furniture.

Suspended industrial gantry with illuminated bottle display.

Second bar and large table illuminated by sleek gold lamp.

Plush green banquette seating lines the ground floor of the restaurant.

First floor bar and cosy booth seating.

Arched mirrors emulate the traditional architecture of Iran.

Comfortable seating for an intimate dining experience.