Brasserie Dubillot, Paris

B3 Designers designed the interiors for Brasserie Dubillot, from the house of Nouvelle Garde

The Brief

We were tasked with designing a stunning space that instantly rang French brasserie, but with a modern take and a beautiful narrative. The design's story is based on the co-founder's family - the Dubillot family, who arrived in Paris from the French countryside, moving lock, stock, and barrel (and family heirlooms, rich recipes, craftsmanship, fresh produce).

This collision of the two worlds resulted in the most colourful, vibrant brasserie, with fresh produce celebrated throughout.

The ground floor main bar with full height bottle display and mirrored panels

A view into the kitchen on the ground floor, and a colourful floral gantry above

Country freshness in the city brasserie

With abundant displays of fresh produce, crockery plentiful wine display and storage throughout the space, flowers and foliage, and the use of rich, deep colours on the walls and tiles, the design is a vibrant modern take on classic brasserie details.

Clever use of foliage frames the restaurant's seating areas

Mirrored panels and bold statement wall art all around the restaurant

Stained glass back-lit ceiling feature

Getting down to brass(ERIE) tacks

Details include a stained-glass ceiling feature and bespoke art-nouveau tiles, and colourful and bold mosaic tiles for the interior spaces across both floors. 

Special attention was paid to the artwork and frames to tell the family's story in the most creative ways. 

Plush seating, bold tile textures, bands runnings across walls, and artwork narrating the family's journey

Bespoke tiles that were illustrated in-house at B3, cover the front of the bar

The entrace to the brasserie, with a mosaic welcome

Celebrating Paris

Incorporated into the design are subtle nods to all things quintessentially "Paris" - from the neon display on the window reminiscent of the city's infamous brothels, to bright signage, floral shopfront, and classic awning.