Marriott Midtown Grill Brand Identity , Ghent

Menu design for Midtown Grill Marriott - B3 Designers

Menus at Midtown Grill.

Midtown Grill is situated in Ghent’s Marriott Hotel. We designed the interiors and branding for the upscale steakhouse, drawing inspiration from 1930s Midtown Manhattan. 

The brand identity channels an Art Deco style and a speakeasy vibe. Our menu design is both classic and bold, printed on crisp white and cream paper and easily placed into leather holders. 

Our interior and branding teams worked closely together to design a cohesive restaurant, where the old-world glamour look and feel is appreciated throughout. The warm timber and leather hues designed into the dining room are complemented in our branding teams uniform design.

Uniform design for Midtown Grill, Marriott Ghent

Our brand identity included uniform design.

Midtown Grill's menu and collateral design.

Street view of Midtown Grill, within the Marriott Ghent Hotel.