Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse Brand Identity , London

Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse menu design - B3 Designers

The menu and collateral at Levi Roots.

We were approached by Real Restaurant and Levi Roots who wanted to create a new high street restaurant brand around Levi’s recipes and branded sauces.

The brief was to create a brand which was independent of Levi’s commercial sauce brand, but felt personal and embodied Levi’s personality.

Developing the logo was an essential milestone and we spent time working out the hierarchy of the different elements. The logo needed to have longevity, as it was the overall impression of a group and the application would be widespread.

The project has a vibrant colour pallet and overall casual tone of voice, which characterises Levi’s Caribbean roots and energetic personality.

The interaction between the branding identity and interior identity is almost limitless.

Our in-house illustration team created a range of illustrations for the menus.

Uniform design.

Our t-shirt design celebrates the brands identity.

Vibrant and energetic uniform options.

Collaterals for take away.

From the branding design, we incorporated various elements directly into the venue such as marrying the brand colour pallet into the space.

The 2,850 sqft restaurant accommodates 134 indoor covers and evokes touches of humour and comfort mixed with a retro vibe and bric ‘n’ brac – clad timber walls, steel mesh and the exposed steelwork reference rough around the edges ‘roadside shacks’ inspiration.

The brand identity conveys Levi’s Caribbean roots and energetic personality.

The menus have an overall casual tone of voice.