Brasserie des Pres, Latin Quarter, Paris

B3 Designers designed the interiors for Brasserie des Pres, the fourth brasserie for the Nouvelle Garde Group

On approach, classic Parisian seating on the terrace sits beneath vibrant awnings and is surrounded by foliage & bespoke tiles.

Vibrant striped awnings, shade and line the long building’s façade. B3 wanted to allow for another playful touch to the facade, and thus included an ice-cream shop which sells ice-cream directly onto the street, playing with traditional signage and the sense of novelty.

The Brief

Brasserie des Pres by Nouvelle Garde, is located in the heart of the vibrant Latin Quarter in Paris. The fourth and largest Parisian restaurant for Nouvelle Garde Group, the Latin Quarter in Paris - where the original and greatest French brasseries existed and the hub for artists, poets and literary greats - provided the inspiration for the concept.


This brasserie’s details are steeped in tradition yet executed in a modern, fresh and exciting way. The eclectic furniture and finishes are of a high standard, with custom designed details throughout the space. The long, thin space posed a challenge for our team, who have responded by ensuring each zone within each of the three floors is separated by a central stairwell, creating layers of different dining experiences. 

The Ground floor

On the ground floor bold panelled walls with bespoke-designed illustrative tiles to the top create a rhythm in the space, which continues into the dining area, transforming into abundant display shelves above the custom lush banquette that wraps the area. The colourful mosaic tiled floor sits beneath the tables and brasserie-style chairs, with ornate table lamps adding further intimacy in the evening. All materials and colours work alongside the heritage stone tower in the middle of the space, which penetrates all three floors and which we had to be careful not to touch.


The dining space surrounds the bustling open kitchen; a key feature for all Nouvelle Garde brasseries.

The bespoke-designed tiles breathe life into the space, and are complemented by a curated collection of decorative items.

Counter seating along the open kitchen allows a close-up dining experience for guests.

Soft, comfortable banquettes beckon you to unwind, while the tables are covered in white linen and decorated with brass detail lamps.

The First Floor

The restaurant and dining space extends onto the first floor where our team has been bolder, using the theatre and history of the area as inspiration. To one side, there are ruched curtains and soft furnishings, and tapestry inspired backdrops with a view into the action of the patisserie chef’s prep area.


To the other side, a bar with bric-a-brac display frontage sits within a room of antique mirror, blonde timber panelling, and baroque lighting. 

Our feature bar is a showcase of the nostalgic beauty of the past.

In the evening, soft lighting creates a romantic atmosphere on the first floor

Mirrors reflect the styled shelves, full of considered bric-a-brac

The Top Floor

On the top floor, guests are first met with a boutique all-day lounge hangout, with a vinyl record library; a music lovers delight away from the bustling bars and restaurants downstairs. For a final surprise, step through the velvet drapes in the evening and find yourself in Grouvie- a 70s inspired pink and shiny secret bar. Snug window seating, custom carpets, mirror ceiling, neon signage, and hanging feature disco balls up the tempo and create a very different but very welcome atmosphere. It’s where neighbours and friends can relax and enjoy music together.

Hidden in the attic, Grouvie is a retro delight

Our feature bar design for Grouvie

Our custom shelving to house a vintage vinyl collection on site