Brasserie Charlie, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris

B3 Designers brought the vision Nouvelle Garde's owner had in mind for Brasserie Charlie to life.

the brief

The brief was to create a place of pride in this famous Parisian neighbourhood, located in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

The area where Brasserie Charlie - the fifth brasserie for the group - is located usually attracts Politicians, Creatives, and Executives alike, but this restaurant’s motive is to attract the young, creative, and free-spirited kind.

Brasserie Charlie is a classic French eatery with the reputation, spirit, and signature of Nouvelle Garde. The Romanticism literary and art movement inspired the design throughout.

Brasserie Charlie on Place Parmentier is in a prominent location with an outdoor terrace, bi-folding doors, and a buzzing atmosphere.

As guests walk by the restaurant, they’re drawn to the bold blue fascia adorned with planting, bright awnings, and neon “Brasserie Charlie” signage on the arched terrace.

Here you're able to see the elegant details of the brass and ethereal cloud-patterned ceiling wallpaper.

Featured here is the sky-blue seating paired with vintage floral patterns on the upholstered seating.

inside the brasserie

Inside, the open kitchen with bar seating tempts customers from the start.

The bustling atmosphere and layered design encapsulate guests as soon as they start their journey through this elegant establishment.

From the patterned flooring and marble bar panels both terracotta in colour and shade give richness, durability and cosiness.

While the elegant details of the brass and ethereal cloud-patterned ceiling wallpaper feel feminine and light.

The sky-blue booth seating is paired with dark green marble tabletops; these feature at both sides of the restaurant to sit in smaller groups of people.

The vintage floral patterns on the upholstered seating, open shelving for bric-a-brac display and table lighting give guests a warm and welcoming feeling.

Fresh fish and crustaceans on ice in the entrance, displayed at one end of the wrap around bar.


Where possible, materials, finishes and furniture were specified in France with lighting being chosen from vintage websites and where possible sustainable choices were made throughout the design process.

The main front view of Brasserie Charlie.