Wild by Tart , London

Wild by Tart, a casual and immersive dining experience in Victoria London.

B3 worked on the interior design concept for Wild by Tart, a neighbourhood restaurant offering a casual and immersive dining experience. The mixed-use concept includes a restaurant, bar, grab-&-go, retail area and a photography studio, which transforms into a private dining area.   

Housed in a former power station and coal store, our design for Wild by Tart celebrates the architecture of the building. We created a fresh and natural overall Look & Feel, with accents of warm colours and textures throughout. Our clean design complements the stripped-back industrial features of the building, softened by subtle homely features and lush planting. 

The restaurant with its theatrical open kitchen has a bright and approachable atmosphere, designed for all-day relaxed dining. We chose seats for their comfortable and flexible qualities, such as the character oak topped benches that have collapsible bases. Three-piece banquettes with wicker weaved finishes line the walls and divide the large spanning restaurant. Deep and earthy toned upholstered seat cushions and throws bring an intimate and cosy environment to the simple dining space.

The photography studio transforms into a large private dining room.

The main dining room at Wild by Tart.

An elegant modern bar with an impressive back bar display is the focal point to our bar design. Warm white timber and mild steel-framed bar stools and chairs are clustered around low marble dining tables, promoting a casual all-day F&B experience. Throughout the bar and restaurant, we designed an abundance of planting to be hung at multiple heights, optimising the architecture of the space and creating a lush complement to the simplicity of our modern design. 

The large photography studio, which transitions into a private dining area, is designed to be flexible and discreet, with bespoke mirrored bi-fold doors allowing a stripped-back honest look & feel and soundproofing when closed. The retail area has natural-style-display units to display an eclectic mix of handmade items. A Balearic-Moroccan-style was adopted for the WC’s. 

The grab and go offer, located in the courtyard, has a fresh and rustic Look & Feel. Here we chose high stools, mosaiced tabletops and a clear modern service counter with multiple display options. We designed the entrance to be clad in black timber with feature pendants light to welcome punters into the venue. 

Interior Design Sketch - Wild by Tart London - B3 Designers

Street view sketch of Wild by Tart.