Urban Baristas Flagship, London

Urban Baristas flagship coffee shop in Queensway.

The design supports a Scandinavian and Ibizan-beach-bar vibe.

Scandinavian style furniture in calming tonnes.

Bespoke handmade ceramic-tiled bar front.

With three successful sites already up and running, Urban Baristas asked us to design their flagship coffee shop in Queensway.

The brief was to draw inspiration from Ibizan and Scandinavian freshness to create their 90 sqm flagship store, that would be coffee shop-come-brunch hub - serving smoothies, cakes and pastries - by day and a casual bar offering by night. The design would be key to helping the charismatic transition between the two.

We designed the flagship to be in keeping with the style of the existing sites, a fresh and contemporary aesthetic with simple finishes and minimalistic furniture.

Key features in the space include the main service bar with its overbar gantry displaying the menus on offer with a bespoke handmade ceramic-tiled bar front.

Throughout we installed brass detail, blonde timber fins and white tongue and groove cladding.

Terracotta tile feature wall.

The real terracotta tile feature wall and bold jade green painted accent walls inject a pop of colour, complementary to the natural planting hung from a raft running centrally throughout the entire lower level and interspersed with rattan pendant lights.

We raised the floor at the back of the coffee shop to enlarge the rear area and transform into a seating area with lounge furniture.

Lush greenery creates the feel of an indoor garden, utilising the existing skylights to enhance the existing feature.

To create an intimate evening space, we removed bricks from the existing back wall to house tealights. Shelving filled with an abundance of plant pots creates a focal point from the entrance to rear. 

Brass detail, blonde timber fins and white tongue and groove cladding throughout the space created dynamic visual interest, whilst keeping the feeling of clam; celebrating the modern Scandinavian and Ibizan-beach-bar concept.

Urban Baristas flagship shop.