Tom's Kitchen , London

Marble topped focal point bar on the ground-floor of Tom's Kitchen townhouse restaurant.

One of two private dining rooms, designed for 16 people.

Dimmable industrial pendant lights hang throughout the space.

Originally opened in 2006, we were tasked with refreshing the 3-story Tom's Kitchen townhouse restaurant located on Chelsea’s Cale Street.

Our brief was to drive more customers to the first floor, ensuring it was as enticing as the ground floor which would see the introduction of a new bar as the focal point, encouraging diners to extend their stay.

We brought the bar forward to the front of the space, zoning the restaurant and making the bar area a destination in its own right. 

Clad in walnut-stained fluted timber, with a emperador marble top, the bar is crowned with an illuminated overhead gantry.

Sleek barstools in red leather add a pop of colour and comfort.

The bar is clad in walnut-stained fluted timber.

We painted the walls a luxurious emerald green to complement the original feature fireplace.

The rear of the restaurant sees the installation of Georgian-framed antique mirror wall, which extends the depth of the space and allows for maximum natural light as it floods in from the skylight above.

A bespoke red banquette sits beneath this tying the front and back of the space together. The open pass to the rear of the restaurant allows diners to experience the drama of the kitchen as they dine.

Tom’s signature white brick tiles are extended on the ground floor, and light green painted walls give a fresh and bright space during the day.

Wall lights glowing on the curated artwork, allowing a warm and intimate setting as the space transforms into the evening sittings.

Private dining room for 8 people.

Chalky green walls and signature white tiles.

Classic leather banquette.

We have celebrated the fresh produce and its origins throughout the space, with carefully selected photography and illustrations showcasing what is essential to the dining experience at any of Tom’s restaurants.

On the first floor, we highlighted the beauty of the existing details of the old townhouse.

Through installing half-height wall cladding, exposed brick, original feature fireplace and tiles, adding luxurious emerald green walls.

Simple spherical pendants hang throughout the space, as reeded glass walls lights gently illuminate the darker corners of the rooms.

Sketch of our design of the private dining spaces.

At the rear of the restaurant we installed a Georgian-framed antique mirror wall.

We removed the underused bar for this level, maximising covers and introducing a new dispense and staff drop off area concealed behind a reeded glass and warm timber frame.

We have introduced overall warmth throughout the corridor and stairwells with a warm grey paint refresh, in keeping with the period building.

This moves into two tones of chalky green on the second-floor private dining room, designed for 16 people on the expansive dining table.

The smallest of the rooms has become an 8-seater private dining area.

With deep blue walls, the space is softened with a pop of tan leather armchairs and framed artwork.

Tom's Kitchen is a three-storey townhouse restaurant located on Chelsea’s Cale Street.