Sarengo, Switzerland

Sarengo's warm and playful redesign celebrates Mediterranean character.

Contemporary furnishings made from natural materials.

Sarengo serves tapas and wine.

We transformed Sarengo, an existing Spanish tapas and wine bar in the Swiss municipality of Sursee, near Lucerne, which recently changed ownership. We designed the interiors and branding for the restaurant.

Sarengo underwent a complete makeover in just under eight weeks, to create a more authentic, traditional yet modern Spanish environment to perfectly reflect the cuisine. To convey this warmth and playful Mediterranean character, B3 used coloured textured walls adorned with hand-painted, patterned tiles, and sourced contemporary furniture made from natural materials – from timber table-tops to steel-framed chairs with leather cushions and backrests, and rich red leather banquettes and bar stools.

The entrance, dominated by a wine and Iberico Jamon meat display, provides access to two distinct areas via a steel screen with clear glass panels: the 34-seat tapas bar on the right with bar stools and high-level seating, and the 44-seat restaurant on the left with low-level tables and banquettes. The tapas bar features a long communal table and large L-shaped bar backed by an illuminated antique mirror and timber shelving.

Wine and Iberico Jamon meat display,

There are two distinct areas divided via a steel screen with clear glass panels.

Artwork throughout Sarengo is strictly Spanish.

The restaurant displays an eclectic collection of Spanish scenes – countryside, food and animals – both vibrantly coloured and black and white, of varying size. The bar exhibits larger, framed vintage-styled newspaper prints. Pendant lighting of mixed glass forms and timber flooring with patterned-tile detail is used throughout the entire space. The patterned tile floor detail is accentuated in the bathrooms, where the tiling strikingly wraps from the floor to the walls. Ceilings are dark with timber beams and have been treated with sound-proofing material to counteract the sound created from the natural materials and timber flooring used throughout the space.

In addition to completing the interior design, B3 Designers also designed Sarengo’s branding including logo, menu design and other collateral.

Ceilings are dark with timber beams with sound-proofing material.

Hand-painted tiles.

Artwork throughout is strictly Spanish.