MPC Pods , London

B3 designed the new interiors for the London offices of internationally renowned visual effects specialists Moving Picture Company (MPC). In addition to our design of the reception, offices and Skybar we created bespoke recording pods. 

We created the pods to strongly resemble sound flight cases, with their black exterior and silver detailing. This gimmick gives the sound recording booth a personal feel to MPC, enabling the pod to fit smartly into our interior design of the offices. 

Flexibility and efficient use of space were designed into every detail of the pod. The table both adjusts in size and swivels to provide multiple options. The seat pads are removable for tech storage and LED strips provide optimal computer working light. 

The interior of the pod is masculine with dark brown leather seats and black soundproofing material. Drama is instilled through the under lighting of the seats and the silver detailing, which is continued in the interior.