Manicomio, London

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Manicomio Café and Bar is an all-day dining and drinking venue.

We designed Manicomio Café and Bar, which is located in Chelsea’s buzzing Duke of York Square. Manicomio is an all-day dining and drinking venue; serving breakfast, coffees, lunch, afternoon tea and light evening snacks with a wine list and cocktails to complement.

We were asked by Manicomio’s to refurbish their 24-cover bar and 28 cover private dining area.

It was essential that we maximised the amount of covers within the space, whilst also creating a Look & Feel that would better reflect Manicomio’s sophisticated menu.

The space seamlessly transitions from day-time café to an evening wine bar, with a continually feeling of extended openness and brightness.

Monolithic front counter, with contrasting white marble and black detailing.

Colourful and warm timber furniture.

Curated surrealist artwork.

Luxe hanging lights gently illuminate the space.

Manicomio serves breakfast, coffees, lunch, afternoon tea and light evening snacks.

Working with the theme of Manicomio’s name, which translates as ‘Mental Hospital’, we imbued the restaurant with an atmosphere of surrealism, softening this with a relationship of warmth and subtle colourful tones within the new joinery and upholstery finishes.

The space was designed to feel both luxe and relaxed, a casual alternative to Manicomio’s next door a la carte restaurant.

We created a monolithic new front counter, with black details contrasting the clean white marble, situating it as a centrepiece.

We installed surrealist artwork and mirrors, which evoke an on the edge and self-reflective feel, balanced by the lucidity of the marble counters, confident accents of colour and warm timber furniture.

Mirrors and hanging lights create a bright and open venue.

Simple and comfortable Look & Feel.