Le Gavroche Chef's Library, London

Le Gavouche Chef's library, a private space for chef research and private dining.

A showcase of Chef Michel Roux personal collection of culinary books .

2 Michelin Star restaurant Le Gavroche.

We were approached by Chef Michel Roux Jr. to develop his own personal library space of his 2 Michelin Star restaurant Le Gavroche.

Chef Michel Roux Jr. wanted B3 to create a private space that he could use both to gather inspiration as well as somewhere special that customers could enjoy a private dining experience in an intimate setting.

We created a beautiful area that is now used by Michel Roux and his team to research, gather inspiration and create new recipes.

Michel Roux and his team to use the space to research and gather inspiration.

Bespoke French grey sweeping banquette.

The intimate area is created to seat 6 people. We designed a bespoke French grey sweeping banquette that seats 4, which surrounds the dining table. 2 matching armchairs complement the banquette and complete the seating. 

The walls are decorated with photographs of famous patrons of the restaurant since its opening in 1967.

We showcased some of Chef Michel Roux personal collection of culinary books on marbled shelving within the space.

Light grey walls open the space up, preventing it from feeling claustrophobic.  We introduced fixed louvres and backlighting to give the impression of natural daylight during lunch sittings.

3 large decanter-style pendants hang above the dining table enriching the feeling of grandeur in the small space.

"We are absolutely delighted with our new private dining room and kitchen. We are very much looking forward to being back in business and welcoming diners through our doors again" - Michel Roux Jr.

Shelf styling in the Chef's Library.

Two armchairs complement the French grey banquette.

Artwork at Le Gavroche.

Artwork at Le Gavroche.