Gymkhana Brand Identity, London

Our menu design for the Michelin-star Indian restaurant Gymkhana.

The menu leather is the same used for cricket balls.

Street view of Gymkhana's signage.

We designed the interiors and brand identity for the Michelin-star Indian restaurant Gymkhana in Mayfair, London. Working collaboratively, our branding and interior design teams built Gymkhana’s designs on the intersection of Indian gymkhanas, cricket clubs and high society.

We developed a collection of logos that reflected our concept and could be applied to different mediums, including menus, fascia boards, and stickers.

We infused luxury into the brand identity by exercising careful execution of detail. The leather chosen for the classic parchment filled menus matched the leather used for cricket balls.

The iconic three white stitch lines were added to the covers, elevating their reference to the craft of cricket.  

The stitching mirrors the three lines on cricket balls.

We designed three menus for Gymkhana.

Our brand identity included collateral.

Drinks tray at Gymkhana.