Epic, London

B3 Designers created the design for EPIC, the greek street food counter at the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre in London.


EPIC, an authentic greek street food brand approached us to design their quick-service takeaway counter within the food court at the Westfield shopping centre in London. B3’s goal throughout the process was to execute a design that ensured operational efficiency, was catchy, and appealed to the floating crowd.

Our design concept gives a subtle nod to Classical Greek architecture in a creative and contemporary way with our choice of materials and form. 

We went with blue & green wall tiles, a feature fluted tile, and terrazzo to constitute the material palette. 



The tiles on the canopy are inspired by the fluting on Classical columns, and the wall tiles bring a light-dark playfulness to the background. The main counter is designed in terrazzo, informed by the stone and marble in Greek architecture. 


We wanted to showcase the effort and skill that goes into preparing and presenting these popular street food dishes. Recessed feature shelving to one side displays glass jars of spices and ingredients that are inherent to Greek cuisine. 


B3’s interior designers worked with EPIC’s existing branding and graphic elements to advise on the logo, lighting, and menu display boards. The design also includes tongue-in-cheek references to British kebab shops with the use of neon, bold signage, and wall tiles.