Ritz-Carlton Deak St. Kitchen , Budapest

Deák St. Kitchen at the Ritz Carlton Budapest.

Al fresco dining.

We created a bold masculine undertone with a sophisticated design.

We worked with The Ritz Carlton to create the F&B spaces and identities for the Ritz Carlton Budapest, which opened its doors in Spring 2016. We created their standalone restaurant Deák St. Kitchen and Kupola Lounge café within the hotel.

With bold masculine undertones and sophisticated design, Deák St. Kitchen restaurant was designed to make a striking impression, with its deep rich leather seating, walnut furniture and Hungarian point timber flooring.

These elements are juxtaposed against brighter details like the rose gold trim on the lighting and furnishings and the antiqued mirror panelling around the room. This, together with the carefully curated artwork, elegantly finishes off the space.

Hungarian point timber flooring.

Deák Street is the the famous Budapest ‘fashion’ street.

Curated artwork elegantly finishes off the space.

The Kupola Lounge café.

Deep rich leather seating and walnut furniture.

The restaurant opens out onto its namesake, Deák Street, the famous Budapest ‘fashion’ street.

One of the main successes of the restaurant’s design is its accessibility from street level, with its inviting entrance, dining terrace and bi-folding doors.

It is a welcoming restaurant with an independent feel.

Deák St. Kitchen restaurant was designed to make a striking impression.