Comptoir, London

Comptoir Café & Wine restaurant, an all-day dining venue in Mayfair.

Blue and white classic café outside seating.

Pewter countertop and antiqued timber front to the central counter.

In spring 2017 we continued our creative partnership with Restaurateur and Master Sommelier Xavier Rousset on the design of his latest venture, Comptoir Mayfair.

The Mayfair site, sister to Blandford Comptoir, completed in 2016, is conveniently located on the corner of Weighhouse St and Gilbert St. Along with the branding design, we undertook the interior design.

On entry, patrons are greeted by the comptoir, or counter, which sits at the heart of the ground floor space. This central feature, with its pewter countertop, antiqued timber front and dazzling overhead pendants, was designed to transform throughout the day as the menu and service progress from pastries to chilled seafood and wine.

The overall atmosphere of the ground floor space is fresh and elegant with natural warm undertones. 

Antiqued rustic oak parquet flooring and neutral toned walls.

Aged deep leather banquettes.

Shelves display Comptoir products.

Huge widows line the corner front of the venue.

Overhead pendents add drama to the central counter.

The walls and ceiling are bright and neutral, which together with the patterned tiles surrounding the counter, create a feeling of openness on the ground floor.

Layers of honest, warm materials have been selected to enrich the design of the ground floor.

The material pallet includes characteristic antiqued rustic oak parquet flooring, timber table tops, aged deep leather banquettes and a selection of simple, elegant timber dining chairs.


Sparkling wine display.

A classic all-day dining cafe brand approach was taken by our branding team.