Burger Boutique, Kuwait

B3 Designers was tasked with designing the Burger Boutique restaurant in the Arraya Centre shopping complex in Kuwait City

Burger Boutique's interiors are centered around the existing column and offer a view into the live kitchen.


For Burger Boutique, a brand based in the Middle East, the B3 design team created a welcoming space that appealed to shoppers and the floating crowd visiting the Arraya Centre shopping complex in Kuwait City. Our brief was to work with the brand's existing logo and design aesthetic that combines industrial elements with nature. 

Design Requirements

The design needed to work with the existing fabric of the building, including a concrete column in the centre of the space.

We built a material palette that married the existing industrial brand identity with natural elements and forms; bringing to life a space that is lush, comfortable and showcases the ingredients and hard work that make the burgers stand out. 

The material palette we chose for the interiors of Burger Boutique.

Geometry, Industry, Nature

We found interesting ways to intertwine natural geometries including point-and-flex forms with industrial elements. The column became the focus of the design, being enveloped by metal sheets and rising up to interact with the ceiling - reminiscent of the canopy of a tree. An oasis has been created with planting along the borders (also offering diners privacy), as well as a lush green wall. The layout, lighting, and shelves were chosen to prominently display ingredients, and to provide a view into the live kitchen.

A lush green wall adds brings an organic feel to the space.

Illuminated display units showcase the ingredients used.

The facade of the restaurants within the shopping complex.