Bar Rioja, London

The first dedicated Rioja bar in the UK

The 24 seated capacity drew inspiration from the diverse Rioja region and Lagroño's famous tapas dining destinations


The concept was conceived by award-winning restaurant operator and hispanophile Richard Bigg, founder of Spanish restaurant group Camino and member of the Gran Orden de Caballeros del Vino de España.

Bar Rioja serves 43 wines selected by the in-house wine buyers that are from across the variety of Rioja regions and styles; a true representation of the extraordinary variety of varietals.

The Design

Our design brief was inspired by the richness of the Rioja region, and one of the challenges was trying to allow for a good number of covers within a small space; We wanted to allow for couples and groups to sit together and mingle as they do in authentic Spanish tapas bars, this led to the furniture being flexible and movable.

As customers walk inside Bar Rioja, the long dark oak shelves housing bottles wine along the back wall and the bespoke-designed map of the Rioja region catch your eye. The design is simple allowing the display of freshly made pinchos and wine display to standout. We wanted to create an elevated but relaxed space that was full of character.

All of the cabinetry was drawn, designed and crafted especially for Bar Rioja


The visual identity and branding, also created by our team, uses a voluminous liquid-like font that is bright red with the inspiration also drawn by the classical red Rioja wine. The hand-drawn crafted font feels familiar and welcoming. We also designed the menus and some of the marketing templates used on social media. 

Uniquely designed by B3, this map showcases the appellations and geographic details that makes Rioja wine so special