Storehouse Adina Hotel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hotels / Restaurants

Located just outside of the city, B3 helped transform Adina Apartment Hotels Copenhagen Otto’s Restaurant & Bar offering into the fresh and sleek Storehouse.

The hotel’s brief was to enhance the all-day dining offering, with a focus on breakfast and evening dining, with a space that feels warm, cosy and inviting.

Hygge - a Danish word used to express a feeling or moment that is ‘cosy, charming and special’ – was the key.

Lighting played a key part in achieving the Hygge vibe, so a centralised light feature of multiple hanging pendants on angled cables set the tone, allowing it to make its change from daytime hangout to a destinational bar in its own right in the evening.

The restaurant’s bar has a focus on wine and beer so to highlight this we added newly-made crates with blackboards set inside to showcase the drinks menu and used projection lighting to really make it stand out. The pre-existing marble bar front was revamped, complimenting with the contemporary finishes in the rest of the space.

To the walls a concrete-look effect with hard-wearing timber dado and jet-black light fittings add a sharp and clean contrast to the walls.

Banquette seating was made to feel lightweight but also to reflect the style of classic Danish pieces of furniture.

Functionality was a big consideration with the need to be able to easily change the table layout to suit the buffet breakfast in the morning, to smaller group and individual tables for the rest of the day.

Storehouse Adina Hotel

Copenhagen, Denmark