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Our conference spaces for Sheraton, Frankfurt Airport

Private studios at MPC, London


For over two decades, we have been working with clients across the UK and Europe to bring their dream workspaces to life. 

Our portfolio spans multi-level workplaces alongside bespoke co-working hubs. We believe a well-designed office pays for itself. Our focus lies in crafting adaptable spaces featuring, noise-free zones, efficient meeting rooms, and solutions for modern needs like video conferencing.

Private offices for the Moving Picture Company, London


For the globally renowned Moving Picture Company, we designed their multi-floor head office in Soho, London.

B3 Designers worked on the interiors for their co-working and studio suites, as well as the top-floor Sky Bar – a stylish in-house bar and social space predominantly used for client entertainment and flexible working. 

Private office spaces for MPC London

Flexible conference rooms at the Sheraton, Frankfurt Airport

Meeting Rooms 

In our approach, meeting rooms are conceived with substance as the foundation, style as the complement. Our designs revolve around ample spacing, technology integration, and meticulous attention to bespoke corporate necessities.

Meeting room with custom media unit for MPC, London

Co-working Spaces

We curate environments that breed collaboration, innovation, and productivity. With careful consideration, we design adaptable layouts, integrate modern amenities, and cultivate an ambiance that fuels both focus and interaction.

Flexible working space within The Prince Akatoki Hotel, London

Hot-desking areas within Sheraton, Frankfurt Airport

The top floor of the Moving Picture Company's workspace was designed to be a flexible breakout space

Breakout spaces

Workplaces are more than just desks, with our expertise in hospitality we can work with you to create flexible spaces for staff to enjoy their downtime.

Our feature bar within the breakout space for the Moving Picture Company, London


For privacy and flexibility, we introduce static phone booths, ensuring uninterrupted conversations. Additionally, our expertise in flexible design was exemplified through our design of bespoke soundproof office pods . These were thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly blend acoustics with technology. They serve as dedicated spaces for video conferencing, collaborative brainstorming, powered by high-speed WiFi, and supported by efficient pod-booking systems.

Home Office Interior Design 

Your home office is more than just a workspace; it's a sanctuary free from distractions. We design studies and home offices as a reflection of your work ethic and style – because working from home deserves a space as inspired as your professional endeavours.

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