Uniform Design

designing stylish and comfortable workwear for chefs, FOH and BOH service staff across all venues that reflects your brand

Leather pocket apron for Marriott's Midtown Grill


We work in partnership with our clients in restaurants, bars and hotels to design bespoke uniforms for their unique concepts. The service staff are a big part of the hospitality experience. Our goal is to create outfits that they are proud to don every day.  

Our portfolio spans some of the most iconic interior design projects across the UK and Europe. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with some of the world's largest hotel groups and chain & independent restaurants, developing branding and uniforms for them. 

Uniform design for Midtown Grill, Marriott Ghent

Leather details on aprons for Marriott's Midtown Grill

Uniform design for Canto Corvino, London

Uniforms: Brand Identity & Reflection

When designing uniforms and guidelines, we take into account your brand's identity, its characteristics and personality, and what it stands for. For the DNB restaurant at the Marriott Budapest, we took an elegant, fine-dining route, and using fabrics and colours to reflect that. 

DEsigning for comfort and operational ease

While pretty uniforms are great, they're no good if they are not comfortable, or get in the way of your job! We design for comfort and operational ease, so you are feeling light and ready to go. We choose the fabrics and colours depending on your restaurant's format, and aprons and accessories based on your need. Need pockets for phones and notepads? Work in a cold environment? Need to be on your feet all shift long? We will make sure we ask you all of these questions! 

Uniform design for Big Dog, Marriott Berlin

Uniforms: Vibe and Experience

For our work for the Big Dog, Marriott Berlin, our uniform designs were quirky, casual, and illustrated to reflect the brand. We worked on the complete branding and interiors for the restaurant, translating the same vibe to uniforms as well.

For Levi Roots' Caribbean Smokehouse, we brough elements of the beachy Caribbean, and the quirkiness of the chef himself into the uniform styles. 

Uniform design for Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse, London

Uniform design for Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse, London

Some of our design clients

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