Interior Design

Restaurants & bars, hotels, office & workspaces, dental clinics, and residential interior design. 

Interior design for The Malt Lounge & Bar, London

B3 Designers is a London-based award-winning interior design studio.

We work in partnership with our clients, to bring their visions to life. 

Our portfolio spans some of the most iconic interior design projects across the UK and Europe. Over the last 18 years, we have worked with some of the world's largest hotel groups and chain & independent restaurants, designed offices for iconic brands in London, and worked on the interiors for penthouses, luxurious bathrooms, private libraries, and retail spaces. 


Interior design for Wild by Tart, London

Hotel Interior Design

As hotel interior designers, we work closely with clients to design tasteful on-brand lobbies, bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas, receptions, foyers, retail spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes, conference and banquet rooms, pools, gyms, spas, libraries, offices, and outdoor spaces. 

Luxury hotel bedroom design for The Prince Akatoki London

Lobby interior design at The Prince Akatoki London

Interior design for Cinnamon Club, London

Interior design for Brasserie Bellanger, Paris

Restaurant Interior Design & Refurb

As restaurant interior designers, we work with chefs, restauranteurs, and hoteliers, to immerse ourselves into the brand and its offer. The B3 Designers team brainstorms, conceptualises, develops and brings to life designs that reflect your brand's value proposition.

Offices & Workspaces Interior Design

We believe a well-designed office pays for itself. The workspace is constantly evolving, needing to adapt to changing needs. With the rise in demand for flexible working and workspaces, office interior design is undergoing a dynamic transformation. The space itself has to be visualised to be operationally flexible - furniture that can be moved easily, pods, noise-free spaces, small and efficient meeting rooms. Talk to us about your office or home office interior design. 

Office interior design for Moving Pictures Company, London

Soundproof office pod design for Moving Pictures Company, London

Office interior design for Wave Studios, London

Retail, Exhibition & Other Spaces

Our interior design projects include retail spaces and shops, exhibitions, department stores, personal libraries, home offices, and residential spaces.

Interior design for retail stores

Interior design for retail stores

Some of our clients

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