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We strive to create innovative and adventurous interiors and have been fortunate to work with forward thinking, entrepreneurial clients. The recognition that B3 has received is a testament to the achievements that we have shared with our clients through skill, experience and ingenuity.

TOPOLSKI BAR Winner Best London Bar, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2013/2014

THE KITCHEN TABLE & / BUBBLEDOGS Winner Best Standalone Restaurant Interior United Kingdom, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012/2013

PAUL HAMLYN HALL CHAMPAGNE BAR, ROYAL OPERA HOUSE LONDON Best Retail Interior United Kingdom, International Property Awards 2012/2013 Best Retail Interior London with Five Stars, International Property Awards 2012/2013 Shortlisted World’s Best Retail Interior, International Property Awards 2012/2013 Shortlisted Best Restaurant or Bar in Another Space, Restaurant and Bard Design Awards 2011/201

WAVE STUDIOS Highly Commended Retail Interior London, International Property Awards 2012/2013

ZIZZI, CROYDON Shortlisted Best Multiple Restaurant, Restaurant and Bard Design Awards 2011/2012

CARBON BAR Best Bar Other Spaces, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009 Best Bar Overall, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009

BABEL Best Stand-Alone Bar, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009

LE GAVROCHE Best Washroom Space, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009 Contract Designer Award for Bathrooms, Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Industry Award 2009

SHOCHU Shortlisted Best New Bar, FX Design Awards 2005