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We strive to create innovative and adventurous interiors and have been fortunate to work with forward thinking, entrepreneurial clients. The recognition that B3 has received is a testament to the achievements that we have shared with our clients through skill, experience and ingenuity.

The Prince Akatoki Hotel London Platinum Winner 2019, Interior Design Outstanding Property Award London

The Prince Akatoki Hotel London Shortlisted for The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020 

Fiskebar, Ritz-Carlton Geneva Shortlisted for The International Hotel & Property Awards 2018 

Deák Street Kitchen, Ritz-Carlton Budapest Shortlisted for The International Hotel & Property Awards 2018 

TOPOLSKI BAR Winner Best London Bar, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2013/2014

THE KITCHEN TABLE & / BUBBLEDOGS Winner Best Standalone Restaurant Interior United Kingdom, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2012/2013

PAUL HAMLYN HALL CHAMPAGNE BAR, ROYAL OPERA HOUSE LONDON Best Retail Interior United Kingdom, International Property Awards 2012/2013 Best Retail Interior London with Five Stars, International Property Awards 2012/2013 Shortlisted World’s Best Retail Interior, International Property Awards 2012/2013 Shortlisted Best Restaurant or Bar in Another Space, Restaurant and Bard Design Awards 2011/201

WAVE STUDIOS Highly Commended Retail Interior London, International Property Awards 2012/2013

ZIZZI, CROYDON Shortlisted Best Multiple Restaurant, Restaurant and Bard Design Awards 2011/2012

CARBON BAR Best Bar Other Spaces, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009 Best Bar Overall, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009

BABEL Best Stand-Alone Bar, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009

LE GAVROCHE Best Washroom Space, Restaurant & Bar and Design Awards 2008/2009 Contract Designer Award for Bathrooms, Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Industry Award 2009

SHOCHU Shortlisted Best New Bar, FX Design Awards 2005