Mei Mei, London

In London's bustling Borough Market, Michelin star Chef Elizabeth Haigh opened Mei Mei - a Singaporean kiosk that B3 Designers worked on.

Mei Mei kiosk in Borough Market Kitchen, London, is headed by Michelin star Chef Elizabeth Haigh.

Mei Mei has welcoming outdoor seating in bustling Borough Market.

We designed Mei Mei's menu as part of our brand identity.

Mei Mei is located in Borough Market Kitchen, London. Headed by Michelin star Chef Elizabeth Haigh, this kiosk opened in late 2019 offers a curated selection of Singaporean street food to Londoners. The food stall seats 10 people around an open kitchen, and 6 around a cordoned-off chef’s table, with the option to take away.

Our design brief was to translate the visual language of traditional Singaporean street food stalls, abstracting their essence and interpreting them to a London setting. We drew inspiration from Singapore’s food markets - bustling, open, welcoming.

The colour scheme informed by Singapore’s architecture and landscape presents in accents of pastel greens and pinks on a muted background.

Throughout, our effort was to use as much sustainable material as possible and avoid unnecessary use of disposables.


Mei Mei offers a curated selection of Singaporean street food to Londoners.

The colour scheme was created around Singapore’s architecture and landscape, using accents of pastel greens and pinks.

The menu is displayed above the counters in the gantry on plywood boards. The dishes were illustrated in-house at B3 Designers.

The boards also illustrate the elaborate processes of putting these dishes together - from curing the meat, to getting the perfect kopi (sweet Singaporean coffee) right.

To fit the bespoke design, the green and white floor tiling was sourced from Singapore. High white metal chairs line the counter’s sides to complement the wood counters. We chose clean white square tiles with coloured grout on the exterior to highlight sterility.

The kitchen sits right in the centre - a live theatre to watch how the dishes are being prepped and plated.

Next to the semi-circular chef’s table, the stall also incorporates a floor-to-ceiling shelf in the back, stacked with Mei Mei products for sale. Aptly placed foliage brings pops of life to the space.

The perfect kopi (sweet Singaporean coffee).

Our in-house illustration team designed boards that illustrate the foods cooking process.

Green and white floor tiling sourced from Singapore.

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