Cinnamon Club, London

B3 Designers designed the new interiors for London's Michelin Guide Indian Restaurant, for Chef Vivek Singh

The Cinnamon Club's dining room in Westminster

Our refurbishment celebrates the Cinnamon Club's history.

Majestic finishes paired with contemporary luxury

We enriched the space with strong colours

Cinnamon Club has long been established within the historic Old Westminster library and has thus become an iconic restaurant for Westminster London. Our refurbishment celebrated 15 years since the Cinnamon Club was established.

The design has revived and enhanced the existing traditional features by enriching the space with strong colours, majestic finishes juxtaposed with contemporary yet luxurious pieces. We extended the wooden bookshelves to be higher than they originally were.

The B3 team then went online and purchased thousands of books, sorted them by colour, height and width, and placed them to bring the entire space's library-centric aesthetic together. 

Elegant intimate seating.


A video featuring the interior design transformation, courtesy of the Cinnamon Club. 

Shelves display bottles and books.

A view from above

Seating details

Velvet upholstered seating in the club lounge area