Brasserie Martin, Paris

B3 Designers designed the interiors for Brasserie Martin, the third brasserie from the Nouvelle Garde Group

Le Brief

Brasserie Martin, the third brasserie we have designed for Nouvelle Garde Group after Brasserie Bellanger and Brasserie Dubillot, is located in a quiet neighbourhood in the East of the city of Paris. Our brief was to design a stunning restaurant that was an homage to Martin, a dear friend of the founders', who has been of immense support to them through their entrepreneurial journey. 

Brasserie Martin was therefore conceptualised to be a reflection of Martin, and his beautiful home - our design challenge was to find a harmonious blend between classic brasserie elements, and the immersive comfort that only a home can offer. 

The façade comprises a stained glass feature, brightly lit signage, timber windows and double doors, and striped awning. 


The restaurant offers four distinct dining experiences - the main restaurant floor, Le Jardin or the garden, the wine cellar, and al-fresco. With traditional brasserie seating and an open-plan, the kitchen is the focal point in the main dining space. Bespoke bar seating, plush orange velvet banquettes, bric-a-brac and curated artwork, and contrasting emerald accents bring the monotone space together.   

Le Jardin

To bring the outdoors in, we put in a new skylight, pergola, timber cladding, shelving, mirrors on the columns, stunning lighting, and abundant foliage. 


The long and narrow wine cellar has been designed in burgundy and brown, with bespoke warm timber shelving units stacked with a splendid wine collection adorning the walls. 


Guests can choose to dine outdoors among the plants dotting the cream and red décor.