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With autumn creeping in and the weather becoming much chillier, what better way to start autumn with a comforting dinner at new restaurant O’ver.We entered with a warm welcome and were seating right in the centre of the space. We found the atmosphere relaxed and loved being surrounded by such a home-inspired interior. 

Within the small space, the internal elements create a  series of delicate touches within the room.  Each table was lit with a candle and overhead were suspended spherical lamps dimmed down to sooth the sense of warmth.The menu was very informative. It gave a short yet descriptive story about the concept behind O’ver’s Neapolitan cuisine, helping you appreciate how authentic and honest their beliefs are about the food.

Rather than using salt and water, their ingredients are made with purifying seawater from the Mediterranean. “Every single dish is made with love + patience” Quoted from their menu, expresses how carefully they have conceptualised their food process and chosen to express that to their visitors.

The purity and nature of their ingredients reflect upon the simplicity of the space. Our experience was to essentially to appreciate the food. The crisp space allowed there to be no distractions while dining, allowing us to simply connect with the people around us and, of course, the glorious food in front of us.

We did, however, pick up some beautiful small details in the room. We were drawn to the brass elements appearing on the spherical lamps, the coat hangers on the underside of the tables and on the cutlery 

The rest of the room was white, yet intimately darkened by its varied wooden furniture. It was interesting to see the selection of chairs. One table suited an outdoor bench style and another was fully upholstered with textured fabric.

The wood-fired pizza oven located right behind the bar counter gave a hearty glow. It was great to be able to see the Chef’s process when preparing what is about to be served , making this feel part of our whole dining experience.

As the food was bought to the table we were amazed at how fluffy and filled the pizzas were.  With pre notification that this purifying seawater allowed the food to be easier to digest, we were very impressed by how light the dough felt. You can also really distinguish the hint of salt behind all the delightful ingredients. 

We had a lovely meal and will certainly be back for more!


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