Located a few steps from Trafalgar Square in London, Nutshell serves Iranian cuisine with a modern twist.

Our design celebrated the geometry and colours of Iran. Looking at the traditional architecture of the country, with arches and soft curves, we replicated this in the design of banquettes and feature mirrors on the walls. We drew from the country’s connection to pistachio orchards, and the greens and pinks of the fields and the nut itself. The space balances these traditional details with modern touches such as blackened steel, and a sense of pared back simplicity. There is  heavy focus on curated art throughout, with custom abstract pieces conceptualised with Iranian architecture and culture in mind.

“Our experience with B3 was amazing. You took the job on a short notice and you worked around our schedule without compromising the design. All we did was to give you the inspiration and the team just ran with the idea and created an amazing restaurant that we keep getting compliments for. And, the fact that it’s already on the list of most beautiful restaurants in London for 2019 is just beyond our expectations.

Also, the highlight of our experience was the fact that Suze was on top of everything chasing contractors to do their job properly, and she’s been really amazing handling all of our annoying requests. For us it’s a no brainer that B3 will be designing our next project. Thank you to everyone who worked on this project honestly, you’ve done an amazing job.”

Marwa and Mohammad - Founders of Nutshell