MPC Ground Floor

Soho, London

Work Spaces

Award winning film and advertising post-production and VFX company MPC needed a redesign for their Soho-based studio area that fitted with their cool brand.

The brief to us was to design a space that would house the London-based team. It needed to be ‘act as an inspiring and creative yet comfortable working space for both the staff and our clients.... a fusion of both modern design, industrial architecture and more classical elements which will convey the spirit of the company but will also not date easily’.

Using a Banksy piece he did for them years before was to be a key feature in the space.

To achieve the look and feel for the offices we kept materials raw and industrial, exposing structural elements of the building such as the steel venting in the ceiling and the plaster on the pillars. 

Grey concrete floors and grey-painted walls enhance the gritty feeling within the space.

Oversized industrial pendant lights were hung about the desks and details such as concrete shelving raw wooden panels keep the theme throughout.