MPC 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors

Soho, London

Work Spaces

We designed the new interiors for the London offices of internationally renowned visual effects specialists Moving Picture Company (MPC). The project, carried out over several floors in the Wardour Street office building in Soho, consisted of redesigning co-working and studio suites as well as creating the top-floor Sky Bar – a stylish in-house bar and social space predominantly used for client entertainment and flexible working.

Our inspiration for the design throughout all floors was an artfully mid-century Look & Feel, with a palette that we flooded with natural materials and earthy colours: olive, mild steel, rich and charred timber and walnut, pewter and leather.

We flounced the stylish mid-century aesthetic of the Sky Bar out into the first and third floors, which are dedicated to workspaces and offices only. Situated at the entrance to the third floor sit two break-out booths and an armchair, nestled with an alcove featuring shelving adorned with varied cinema-themed items. The corridors, surrounding the seven separated offices, are painted with block colours, decorated with artwork, and lead to the client presentation office in the centre of the floorplan. This is the only client interface to MPC, where they are first presented with movie themes and suite of service MPC provides, to complement this encounter we created a vibrant and colourful thoroughfare for the client’s journey. In contrast each of the seven offices within this floor mirror the dark colour scheme and textures of the Sky Bar above.