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Juicebaby, Chelsea


We can all agree weekends are for brunching and we know just the place for a super chilled Sunday morning brunch spot at West London’s Juicebaby. Situated at the end of the Kings Road, this plant based juice bar has all the vibes you would expect from a casual vegan hang out in the heart of Chelsea, whether you're picking up a green smoothie on your way to a weekend yoga class or meeting a friend for a long and lazy catch up over Juicebaby's renowned Acai bowl - this place has got to be a go-to for your fix of plant based goodness all whilst soaking up the interior of course! Every corner of Juicebaby has been considered aesthetically with exposed brickwork against bold tiles, low hanging atmospheric lamps, industrial style wall planters and authentic wooden crates stacked up with juice baby granola bags and other various health-conscious foodie bits, styled amongst potted green plants.

Given the casual nature of the place- it was easy to lose track of time on our visit. With various seating styles, the space accommodates for all, either the short stay or “grab-and-go” customers with simple table and chairs positioned near the counter. Or for those who wish to spend more time and enjoy a long brunch, there is the corner seating area with sofa style banquettes arranged with grey seat cushions and small tables. We started by making ourselves comfortable at the high window seat which allows you to watch the world go by and let's be honest, the Kings Road is a pretty good place to people watch or if not there's a basket of magazines close by, in case you simply wish to lose yourself in a travel magazine whilst enjoying an almond milk latte and one of their raw snack items- which is highly recommend by the way.

The service is relaxed and in our own time we made our way up to the bold tile-clad counter at the back of the café space to order. Small samples for tasting– whether a smoothie shot or a small square of raw brownie are on a tray placed on the counter top – ready to try as you choose from the menu, hand-written on a black board above the counter.

We started with Acai berry bowls- these are Juicebaby’s signature breakfast/brunch item – full of antioxidants and vitamins, Acai is clinically proven to be beneficial for health. The bowl is a blend of wild Acai berry, bananas, dates and almond butter, the perfect balance of colour, texture and flavour, they look too good to eat, but once you've taken a few snaps for social media (guilty!) it's hard to resist tucking in! Ok so they start a little pricey but the standard option is generous enough and already comes with different toppings but if you're feeling frivolous (guilty again!) then you have the option to add more toppings from a range of fruit, nuts and butters. If you're after something less sweet, they can also knock up a more savoury version and if you're not there for the Acai at all, you can indulge in other brunch style dishes including the ever so popular Avocado on toast.

Along with our Acai we each chose a creamy style drink and a cold pressed juice from the "help yourself" fridges. The options seem endless as do the health benefits of each! It's hard to choose but each drink bottle is clearly labelled with ingredients, there's bound to be something which takes your fancy and they are all equally delicious and indulgent I should add- which is great when they are full of guilt free ingredients!

After realising several hours had passed and we had watched people come and go- we moved from the window seat to the larger seating area. We were tempted by the salad fridge with a great range of pre-prepared salads, all abundant in colour, ready made in plastic pots so they are suitable for on-the-go orders too. A row of miniature salad dressings, oils and vinegars line above the salad pots and provide labels with recommended pairings to each salad. All salad options are meat free but good enough for meat eaters!

Juicebaby pride themselves on wholesome and well sourced ingredients – and that can be noticed and tasted. The interior has been considered with the ethos in mind. The vibrancy and passion of Juicebaby’s concept is made clear throughout and helped with the addition of large and clear graphics with memorable phrases such as “eat better, not less” and promoting their methods of organic production and use of well sourced ingredients. Given the extent of the whole vegan movement or just healthy eating movement alone, you can see why Juicebaby is thriving as an accessible, plant based brunch spot, with its laid back, comfortable vibes – it is a gem in the heart of busy Chelsea. 

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