What Happens When Restaurant Review

New York, 09-02-2011

What Happens When is unusual, even for pop-up restaurant standards. A collective of interior designers, a graphic designer, a composer and a Michelin starred chef put their minds together and are transforming a reclaimed space, not once, but nine times over the course of nine months.

Graphic designer Emelie Baltza sets the tone by creating an interesting visual language for each month to which the interior designers at New York agency the Metrics respond with a complementing interior.

Chef John Fraser creates indulgent menus and is serving up Nordic and Northern Germanic inspired food for the debut month. The music is as unusual as the concept, done by Micah Silver, it includes extracts from videos at rural bonfires and orchestras warming up. Their combined efforts offer customers the ultimate all round experience of sound, art, interiors and good food. Images via We Heart.