Viet Hoa Cafe Review

London, 17-05-2010

Viet Hoa, a Kingsland Road favourite, has recently been completely renovated and now boasts a serene, minimalist interior and stylish new branding, in complete contrast to its former haphazard self.

Its new interior design is clean and simple and features walls and ceilings clad in timber, contemporary lighting and furniture, with quirky touches such as an entire wall covered in moss that stretches across two floors at the stairway.

Another unusual element can be found in the new bar in the basement. It has a playful sunken rectangle in the floor that becomes an informal lounge area with the addition of legless chairs and little tables.

The revised branding and identity was mainly influenced by the name of the cafe. ‘Hoa’ means ‘blossoming flower’ in Vietnamese and a logo mark has been added across all way-finding, branding collateral, packaging, and uniforms.

The new interior perfectly complements the delicious food and I’m sure with its stylish new space it will become even more popular. Images via London Design Guide.