Urban Station Workspace Review

Buenos Aires, 19-10-2010

Mobile workers have long been suffering the distractions of working at home and the annoyances of coffee shops. But now thanks to Urban Station gone are the days of working on a tiny, badly lit coffee shop table and having strangers spill their drinks on you – if you live in Buenos Aires that is. Urban Station, a place designed specifically for those who call the local cafe their office has opened shop in the hip Palermo Soho district of Buenos Aires, a rich mix of fashion, design and art.

It provides large tables, complete with plugs, Wi-Fi, printers and scanners, everything that you would have in your own office, including meeting rooms for seeing clients, plus they provide lockers so that you won’t have to haul everything home at the end of the day.

What sets it apart from other hot desk concepts it that your hourly rent includes unlimited refreshments, you can have coffee and croissants to your heart’s content whilst working undisturbed in a bright, airy environment.

The design includes casual lounges with comfortable armchairs where you can have informal meetings or browse through the books and magazines that they have on offer. 

The designers seem to have thought of everything, down to how you can get home – if you need to get somewhere fast you can even rent a bicycle.

The way that we are working in cities have changed, hopefully more cities will catch on and get mobile worker friendly spaces of their own. Images from WeHeart.