Tracey Neuls Shoe Store

London, 22-09-2011

Pioneering footwear designer Tracey Neuls scheduled the opening of her East London store to coincide with the London Design Festival, and to mark the occasion equally daring British designers Faudet-Harrison were appointed to create a fresh interior that would be appropriate for the edgy new Redchurch Street location.

The interior of dark wooden floors and white walls is minimally fitted out with a mix of new and recycled customised furnishings; a vintage footstool topped with a chest of shoebox drawers being one of the most interesting pieces.

The result is an understated but bold interior that forms a welcome addition to a street of galleries and cafes. Faudet-Harrison said: “The furniture and products produced are centred around rituals of shoes and getting ready, all have an element of altered and restored found object married with new materials giving each piece a revised function.” Images via Dezeen.