Timorous Beasties Studio Visit

Glasgow, 12-10-2017

We’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to Glasgow to visit Timorous Beasties' studio.

Being fans of the textile designer’s work since our student days, it was great being invited up for a couple of days to visit where the goods are designed and produced, and also to meet the founders Alistair and Paul and their team.

The eclectic collection of wall coverings, fabrics and products all begin life in a converted warehouse - with a very art school feel - in the west end of the city.

We spent the day in the screen-printing and distribution rooms, as well as viewing the vast collections in their full glory in their brand new trade showroom “The Shed”.

A delve into the history of the company by Paul and Alistair showed the wide ranging mediums in which they can work (from wallpaper and fabrics to packaging and architectural sculpture…and most recently banknote design)

Thank you Timorous Beasties for showing us around Glasgow, and looking after us so well!