Timmy Green Restaurant Review

London, 17-05-2017

It’s Saturday Morning and we are heading down to the new Nova, Victoria site to see what new restaurants have been uncovered.

Timmy Green is an Australian-inspired restaurant from the popular Daisy Green founders. Their ethos takes on an inspiring and social approach. Proudly representing their Aussie culture and devoted work to the land, the menu deeply celebrates the wholesomeness of good food and quality grass fed meat.

As we arrived to the restaurant, we spotted the poppy pink chairs and patterned upholstered seat pads. The illuminated signage was brightly hand written, directing a graceful welcome to their new location. As we entered the restaurant we were very kindly assisted by a member of staff and seated within a cornered section of the space. We instantly fell in love with the cosy-feel our seating area brought us. Pastel-coloured seat pads with fluffy blankets layered over the backrest. It delivered the ultimate dream of a heartening weekend brunch!

Everything felt so light in the room. From the beautiful white marble counter top, to the light grey concrete columns to the reclaimed oak furniture, the space uplifts the energy for an early start to the day.

The restaurant infuses a sense of character through the space by the way each area is broken up.

The chevron floor discontinues by separating white laminated tiles to a light reclaimed timber. The featured ceiling plants add a flourishing touch to the aesthetic.

And as you walk up the stairs you are fascinated with bright bold pieces of artwork. Livening up the walls and changing the soft dust pink into a punkie neon. This instantly transforms your day-vibe into an evening experience.

Fascinated by the menu, we ordered what was called the ‘Charcoal Bread’. Served most beautifully with avocado, house-made labne, dukkah and poached eggs. We also ordered the Shakshouka filled with spiced tomatoes labne & free ranged eggs.

The food presentation was outstanding! So many colours, textures and toppings... A great way to satisfy the eyes before even reaching our mouths!

The staff were wonderful; great sense of humour which made our visit both pleasurable and entertaining.

With great energy, this restaurant accentuates fun, flavour and passion to deliver real good food!