The Truvia Voyage of Discovery Bar Review

London, 21-07-2011

The rooftop of Selfridges, Oxford Street has been transformed beyond recognition by Jelly Mongers, Bompas and Parr.

The Truvia Voyage of Discovery is a celebration of the arrival of Truvia sweetener in Britain that runs from the 21st to the 24th of July, tickets have sadly sold out already.

Bompas and Parr have lived up to their reputation of delivering the strange and exciting, creating a rooftop landscape complete with rowing lake and waterfall.

Rounded off by rows of the Stevia plant from which the natural, calorie-free sweetener is derived.

Guests at the event can sip on cocktails by the Experimental Cocktail Club or teas and coffees by Caravan and the Rare Tea Company while drinking in their unusual surroundings and an amazing view over the heart of London shopping. Images via Notcot.