The Michelberger Hotel Review

Berlin, 17-09-2009

Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger has completed a budget hotel designed to feel like staying at a friends house, which opened earlier this month in Berlin. The Michelberger Hotel is housed in a converted factory building featuring a brick facade, high ceilings, large windows and a courtyard that acts as the social hub of the hotel.

Every element of the hotel has either been custom designed and built, or selected specifically for it from furniture to hand-lettered stickers on the water bottles. Each room features a unique wallpaper designed by Azar Kazimir depicting symbols and images significant to the hotel and its founders. Three room sizes are available for individuals and groups of up to four people, as well as the more extravagant Luxus room, combining elements of hotel and hostel aiming to attract both backpackers and business men. Images Via Dezeen.