The Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory

Copenhagen, 28-02-2011

The story of The Mast Brothers Chocolate began in a New York apartment, where Rick and Michael Mast started processing cocoa beans with a homemade machine.

Overtime they refined their creation and started sourcing beans from family farms as far as Madagascar and Ecuador. Their chocolate is now produced in a small, three room factory in Williamsburg, New York, with the same passion and care as in the very beginning. On weekends the first room doubles as a shop front.

Customers can browse their range of handmade chocolates in the pared down factory and catch a glimpse of the machinery that was used to make it. During the week is when the real action takes place, from sorting and processing the cocoa beans to making the chocolate and wrapping it.

The history and process of making chocolate is as important to the brothers as the final product and this care is evident in the quality, each bar is unique and no two have quite the same flavour. 

The chocolates are hand wrapped in golden foil and decorative paper. The brothers are now planning on navigating the Atlantic in order to source beans and get to know the people who grow them. Images via The Scout.