The Lucky 7 Canteen Restaurant Review

Glasgow, 07-02-2010

Lucky 7, is a homespun Cantina, located in the heart of Glasgow. The bar and restaurant formerly had a townhouse interior and was then redesigned by Surface ID. The new design by Surface ID combines rustic elements, with distressed/renaissance. Lucky 7 describes itself as a ‘canteen’, which refers to its understated “distressed’ ambiance. The interior design that Surface ID did for Lucky 7 is very rustic with exposed wood and brickwork, mess hall benches, concrete columns, long wooden tables and distressed wallpaper that is stylishly peeling in pales, which has been mixed together to construct this unusual and fascinating interior. The distressed wallpaper gives a worn and decayed appearance, producing a unique wall effect.

Adding a little softness to the interior are the cushions even though the octagonal shape of the cushions are quite hard, the fabric makes it softer, these are found attached to the wooden benches. Generally the colour theme throughout the ‘canteen’ is very neutral and earthy but there are a few splashes of bright colours, which draws your eye towards the object such as the stalls at the bar and the vibrant red on the seat of the stall.