The Disappearing Dining Club Restaurant Review

London, 04-10-2011

The Disappearing Dining Club is a step away from the conventional restaurant experience.

It occupies a permanent ‘Dining Room’, a one table space that can only host ten people at a time, in Featherstone Street near Old Street, but also throws dinner and drinks parties in empty warehouses, hidden rooftops and basements, secret galleries and gardens, and just about any unusual space you can think of.

The interior of the Dining Room, which opens only for bookings, is warm and homely. Guests are encouraged to forget about time, as all of the clocks on the walls have stopped long ago.

The shelf that runs all around the room just below ceiling level is stacked with well-thumbed novels and 20th century bric-a-brac.

The large wooden table is set with mismatched cutlery and old-fashioned glassware and creates the feeling of sitting down to a big family meal.

The dimly lit interior, along with its quirky decor and limited amount of place settings creates a nostalgic dining experience that you are unlikely to have anywhere else. (Images via The Disappearing Dining Club).