The Canonbury Tavern Restaurant Review

London, 09-10-2015

Its October and boy, do we know it. The relentless Autumn rains are serving as a thorough reminder. Well, lets look on the bright side, pub food is warm, hearty and uplifting and we have a blog to write.

So off to the Canonbury Tavern we went…

The building itself is grade II listed built in 1846 suffering remodelling after a fire. Having been around since the 1700’s (before demolishment and the rebuild in 1846) the pub used to be able to boast of four acres of garden.

Just a short walk from Highbury and Islington station, the pub is nestled amongst a beatuiful residential area seeming almost quaint despite being high end.

The outside was gently lit from above hanging baskets, so despite the Autumn chill, the building had a warm welcoming glow.

The dining area has been stripped back to its original timber cladding with high backed leather banquettes running along the back wall and mismatched chairs sat opposite. As the seating fades towards the bar area the chairs seem to become more casual, opposite our table an intimate pair of armchairs seemed in their own world against the timber cladded walls.

The design appeared fresh and modern, coloured in a range of sea green, the waiter’s station a delicate pale wash of colour. The area around the bar was left fairly open giving the place a very spacious feel, helped by the high ceilings, yet also maximising space for people drinking at the bar. A personal favorite was the sunflowers perched at the end of the bar – a bright contrasting touch to the dark colours of the bar.

On each table was a candle creating a relaxing yet intimate ambiance. Overhead a range of hanging lights emerging from beautiful coving in the high ceilings. Varying from chandeilers and bell jar shaped lanterns to a cascading crescendo from the two sky lights in the restaurant area. Gentle spotlights lit the curve of the dark timber bar behind which stood a range of liqour lit from behind (luring you in).

From where we were sat next to a beautiful old wood burning stove set in a lightwash brick, the toilets were a short walk no more than 10 feet through the main dining area.

Split into two sections with two separate menus, the bar and the main dining area. The staff were all incredibly friendly and eager to please each customer yet still allowing a quick service, however this could have been because we went on a fairly quiet weekday evening.

We chose a classic fish and chips and while we’re not huge fans of peas, mushy or otherwise, these were quite amazing.

The dish came with a side of chips, which were perfectly salted. In a bittersweet way the meal was so filling we couldn’t try their puddings (usually the best part of any meal).

We came out happily fulfilled with our food expectations and incredibly relaxed thanks to the beautiful interior.