Tel Aviv Port Public Space

Tel Aviv, 01-12-2010

Mayslits Kassif Architects from Tel Aviv have recently won the Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize for their design of the Tel Aviv Port Public Space.

The regeneration project of the public spaces of the Tel Aviv port was announced the winner of this prestigious prize during the 6th Biennial of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona.

This year, 427 projects were submitted to the competition, out of which 9 have been announced as finalists. The project is considered one of the most influential public spaces projects in Tel Aviv.

Being a new urban landmark which revives the city’s waterfront, the project became a trigger for a series of public space projects along Tel Aviv’s shoreline which altogether revolutionize the city’s connection to its waterfront. Photo by Iwan Baan, Daniela Orwin and Galia Kronfeld.