Tape Installation

Berlin, 17-07-2010

This must be one of the coolest installations I’ve seen in a while, such an innovative use of material. The installation by Croatian design collective use/numen is made of 530 rolls of transparent self adhesive tape (thats 35 600m, 45kg!). The amorphous surface was created by continuously wrapping strands of tape between columns in an ex-stock exchange building.

The concept of the installation evolved from the idea of recording the movement of dancers, the resulting shape is meant to be a ‘mapping’ of the choreography. The result is an organic looking web that complements the architectural fabric in a rather eerie way.

The installation in Berlin, presented by the Vienna Design Week Embassy, is a follow up on a previous installation by the same artists the gallery of the Croatian Designer’s Society. First time round they used 19 cardboard tubes and 118 roles of tape. The entire installation took 96 hours and €95 to complete. Images via Designboom.