Sticks n Sushi Restaurant Review

London, 15-11-2015

We visited Sticks n Sushi in Canary Wharf on Saturday night for an early dinner.

The restaurant is the fourth to open in London, with 12 branches in Denmark.

The Canary Wharf branch is housed within a modern development by Norman Foster featuring large glass shopfront either end next to Crossrail Place.

The space itself is an exposed concrete shell featuring a long bar that runs the length of the space starting with the drinks bar and extending along to an open kitchen.

Patrons can sit at the bar and watch food preparation or cocktails being made.

The space is simple and elegant. Services on the ceiling were left clearly visible, contrasting with the clean lines of the simple metal frame furniture and glass light fittings.

To add a focal point and vibrancy, a Danish artist has created large scale painted graphic artwork on the long opposing wall to the bar.

Vertical sheer fabric screens/curtaining helps to divide up the space, creating intimacy while keeping everything open and light.

The restaurant features large panelled ceiling lights, which, although quite bright, actually help to make the space feel smaller.

We loved the space, we would like to see it feeling ‘cosier’ as Christmas approaches and winter frost creeps ever closer.

Food good. Nice simple presentation with some hand crafted ceramic dishes, the miso marinated cod in particular, was delicious.