Sesame Restaurant Review

London, 09-07-2015

As a huge fans of the kitchen of Ottolenghi, we were very excited to be going to Sesame.

Located in the heart of London, it’s an ideal location to pop into between shopping and sightseeing.

Sesame is all about Mediterranean street food inspired by the beach shacks of Istanbul to the alleys of Jerusalem.

The food is fresh, all made in the kitchen downstairs or on order at the counter. It’s hard to choose between the varieties of ingredients. A salad isn’t simply some greens, but an amazing cauliflower-pomegranate-tahini-courgette-combo. It’s hard to decide between all the colourful options while being distracted by the fun interior.

The tiles give the place a lovely Mediterranean feel and are definitely the eye catcher. Frames hanging on the walls have pictures that just make you want to go on holiday. Now.

Everything you may need is indicated with very cool illustrations and typography, in even cooler boxes. Next to the counter there is a beautiful blue sink to eble you to wash your hands after carrying all those heavy shopping bags. Too many people queuing? There is a downstairs as well.

The services are exposed and there is a lot going on, but they managed to integrate the spots and menu hangers by attaching them to each other and using the same metal material.

Skewers and pittas are made for you by his friendly team and taste great with the homemade lemonade. Sweets come straight from the Ottolenghi bakery and are packed in little plastic bags with the Sesame logo on them.

You can sit upstairs or downstairs, mustard or blue tiles -make your choice. The seating options are very cool stools and benches, they have a white metal folded frame with a wooden seat on top. They are very easy to move around and are perfect for the Mediterranean yet modern concept.

When finished you can leave your litter in the most beautiful bin ever seen, a bespoke white element with a marble top. A perfect energy boosting lunch, then back off to the shops.